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Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is often a hair problem that makes the hair look out of place and messy and not in a good way. Mostly people who have dry and curly hair are prone to it but it can affect others as well.


        So, what causes frizzy hair?


  • If you are rough on your hair with vigorous combing, brushing when wet, using improper metal brushes, your hair tends to become more prone to breakage and hence the frizz.

  • Rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel after shampoo or blow-drying in excess can frizz your hair

  • Humidity and frizzy hair don’t mix. If the weather is hot and humid, then there are chances that the high moisture content in the air will react with your hair leading to unmanageable frizzy hair.

  • Lack of moisture can also cause frizz in your hair. Dryness causes the hair to become porous thus making it unable to absorb and retain the moisture it needs to maintain a healthy shine.

  • Too many styling tools, chemical treatments, perms and a poor diet can also lead to frizz.


Managing frizzy hair...

  • Use a good conditioner

Curly hair tends to be more dry and frizzy; hence a good moisturizer is of utmost importance. Find a good moisturizing conditioner for your type of hair and apply regularly to manage the unmanageable frizzy hair.


  • Don’t over-shampoo

Shampooing way too often can make your hair lose its natural moisture and your hair will look even more dry and frizzy. Some hair stylists suggest not shampooing curly hair at all because many shampoos contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients that dry your curly hair and strip them off natural hair oils. However, considering the fact that so much grime and dirt exists around us, one can’t help but shampoo. So try to limit shampooing (preferably with a mild shampoo) to not more than twice in a week


  • Stay away from the blow-dryer

If you seriously want to combat extremely frizzy hair curls, refrain from blowing hair dry. Adding heat to already existing dry hair not only increases the problem, but also leads your hair to break and increases the chances of split ends. However, if you want to use a blow dryer for curly hair, remember to use a diffuser and dry by cupping hair with your hands from below.


  • Let your hair down

At some point or the other, we’ve all pulled our hair back because we felt that hiding it in a ponytail will hide the frizz. However, pulling your hair back into a pony tail only makes it worse because it breaks some of your hair strands causing them to be the first to stand up in humidity


  • Lose that towel

A towel can be abrasive and the rubbing motion can increase the chance of frizz. Instead of a towel try to use a soft t-shirt to pat your hair dry.


  • Trim your hair regularly

Frizzy hair has low ability to absorb water and hence it becomes dry sooner leading to split ends and breakage that halt the natural healthy growth of hair. Go for a trim every eight weeks or so to avoid split ends


  • Pick your styling products wisely

Invest in quality and healthy styling products that do not cause harm to your hair. Adding tons of chemicals to your hair is a sure fire way to get your hair to frizz. Be careful while selecting styling creams and gels. When in doubt, seek suggestions from hair experts or stylists.Frizzy hair sure is irritating, but it does not have to be a constant nag or end your social life. Know the right tricks, use the correct products and treat your hair well, and you’re on your way to hair you’ve always dreamed of: shiny, silky and beautiful.






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By Reza


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