Brazilian Blow Dry

Frizzy, Uncontrollable Hair ?


  • The Brazilian Blow Dry uses natural sources of keratin which repairs and protects, giving smooth, silky, shiny     hair. Keratin is the primary protein of your hair .

  • First application typically lasts 2-3 months.

  • Works as an intensive conditioner.

  • After Treatment less styling is needed, saving you precious time.

  • Sometimes known as The Permanent Blow Dry

  • Smooths and straightens

  • Shimmers and Shines – locks in colour giving it a gorgeous shine.

  • Restores and Repairs – specially formulated to re build weakened hair



    Note :I Use La-Brasiliana Product.










1. Can you do the treatment over a Japanese Straightener? Yes, you can do the treatment over any kind of straightener. We recommend waiting two weeks.


 2. Is this treatment a relaxer? No, it’s a treatment based on Keratin and Collagen that naturally softens, shines, smoothes, eliminates frizz and gives instant manageability.


 3. Can you do this treatment after colouring? Yes, we recommend immediately after you colour your hair.


 4. Can you do the treatment on top of relaxed hair? Yes, you can do the treatment over any previously relaxed hair. Sodium Hydroxide Thio chemical, etc, but only after two weeks.


 5. Can you do the treatment on previously chemically treated hair? Yes, this treatment can be done on any previously chemically treated hair.

 6. Can you do the treatment on highlighted hair? Yes, you can do highlights and this treatment immediately after.


 7. Can you do the treatment on virgin hair? Yes, it can be done on virgin hair.


 8. Can you do the treatment on children and if so what age? Yes, we recommend on children of seven years and over.


 9. Can I colour my hair after the treatment? Yes, we recommend you colour the hair first and immediately follow up with the Brazilian Blow Dry. Or we recommend colouring your hair two weeks after you have done the treatment.


 10. Can I shampoo my hair after the treatment? Yes, but only four whole days after you have done the treatment.


11. Can I wear a ponytail or tie my hair? Yes but only after four days. During the first four days, do not put your hair behind your ears, put glasses on your head or use hair grips/clamps.


 12. What should I do if my hair gets wet during the first four days? Blow-dry immediately and use ceramic straighteners if necessary.


 13. Can I go into the pool or ocean after my treatment? Yes, but only after four days.


 14. How long will the treatment stay on my hair? Two to four months on all types of hair.


 15. What shampoo can I use after the treatment? We recommend shampoo which does not contain Sodium Chloride (salt). Specialist shampoos and conditioners are available st the salon. These products also contain Keratin and UV protection.


 16. Do I have to touch up on my next visit or the whole head? The entire head from roots to head.


 17. When should I have the treatment done again? Two to three months, or as needed.


 18. Can I do the treatment every month? Yes


 19. Shall I cut my hair before the treatment? Yes, if you are changing your style but not if you are needing a trim only.


 20. Can I use my hair spray, gel, mousse, or any other hair products on my hair during the four day period? No.


 21. If I get any ridges in my hair when I sleep, what should I do? Use either a blow dryer or ceramic straightener to straighten the ridge in the hair.

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