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  • Sunshine is coloured hair’s enemy. The UV rays can deplete colour-treated hair of its brilliance if strands are left unprotected. Put Colour Seal  conditioner in your hair while sunbathing as this will help prevent colour fade, plus the heat will help the conditioner penetrate into the hair shaft.


  • Whenever possible, rinse hair with fresh water after it’s been submerged in chlorinated water or saltwater.


  • Heat styling can damage your hair year-round, but it is more evident in sunny weather. Let hair dry naturally when you can, but if  you must blow dry your hair, when using a hair dryer, aim nozzle down the hair shaft. This helps to flatten the hair cuticle and minimize breakages, helping your colour look richer by reflecting more light.


  • Use a sun protection oil on your hair every day, as it is a great additional barrier to sun fading.


  • When washing your hair, try to keep the water as cool as possible.Rinse hair in cold water as this helps to flatten the cuticle and make it shine.


  • Colour-enhancing shampoos and conditioners enhance the look of  your colour treated hair while protecting it against damage


Mobile Hairdresser
By Reza


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